Sons and daughters

Psalm 139 acknowledges the fact that God knows all about us. We are intimately known by him. It also reassures us that he has given us an identity and we have a future in him. This identity is both individual and corporate. Having an understanding of how God sees us through some of the symbolism and imagery used in the bible, can help us realise, how accepted and precious we are to him. The delight of his heart and the apple of his eye (Zech 2:8).

Having just spent the last two  days at a conference where Leif Hetland, was one of the speakers I am more than ever aware of the fact that God wants us to know our identity as sons and daughters.  In order to know who we are we have to spend time in his presence listening to what the father says and sings over us. We have to make time to crawl up on his lap and lay our head upon his chest. We have to allow Holy Spirit  to bring the deep knowing of revelation.

In my head and in my words I can clearly make a statement I’m the daughter of the living God, but its how I live that demonstrates what I really know about this, and there is always room for more revelation that will change the DNA of who I am. To quote Leif  God’s main purpose is not what I do, but to bring me to a place where I love me the way God loves me.  I’m realising Im still on that journey.

So my prayer today for  any of you reading this  is that you will find time today to set apart some moments for yourself to just listen to the affirmation of heaven, to see again that being a son or daughter of God means that you can have fun and laughter in your life, that you can trust Abba  to take care of you , that you don’t have to have it all sorted to be loved , that you can hear in the deepest parts of your being the proclamation of daddy God who says ,” you are my beloved child and I am well pleased with you. ”





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